Why Your Technology Provider Needs to be a Technology Fiduciary

by Junxure
August 17, 2017

It’s not enough for your advisor technology to write good software; they need to be a technology fiduciary and provide you with the best service as well.


2017 Junxure Advisor Conference: Meet the Keynote Speakers!

by Junxure
August 3, 2017

financial advisor crm

Many RIAs shy away from sales to avoid seeming...well, "salesy." In today's landscape of declining organic growth rates and rising competition, can you really afford to sit on the selling sidelines? It's time to change your mindset about selling.


[Video] Gadget Girl: The Case of Betting on the Right Technology

by Junxure
July 18, 2017

We joined up with the Gadget Girl team at InvestmentNews to crack the case on how advisors can get the most from new technology and how better adoption can improve client service. Click below to watch the video on InvestmentNews' site, and to download our latest case study.