Junxure Cloud Receives XCelent Award for Best Technology

by Junxure
August 25, 2015

Junxure Cloud was recently recognized by Celent with the XCelent Award for Best Technology for a Vertical CRM.

Advisors: What's Your Niche?

by Julie Cochrane
Director of Consulting and Training
August 18, 2015

What’s your niche? How well do you know your clients?

Stuck in a Bad Relationship With Your CRM?

by Eric Megert, MBA
Sales Consultant
August 11, 2015

Your firm's relationship with technology shouldn't be frustrating, it should empower you to become more efficient and better serve your clients.

Junxure Cloud Offers Integrated e-Learning Guide

by Junxure
August 4, 2015

This week, Junxure announced the launch of eXpert, an integrated e-learning tool for users of Junxure Cloud CRM. Read the full announcement online