Junxure Cloud - The Clear Choice for Advisors

Greg Friedman
by Greg Friedman, MS, CFP®
Junxure President
December 4, 2012

Junxure attended Charles Schwab's IMPACT® 2012 event, where we announced the spring 2013 release target for Junxure Cloud, our new web-based CRM solution. Attendees were treated to a preview demo, including how Junxure Cloud could help manage workflow, track a firm's efficiency, and capture client documents and financial data through a wide range of integrations.

The response that we received was overwhelmingly positive, with one advisor saying, “it's the best, cleanest interface I’ve ever seen on a CRM!”

Junxure Cloud IMPACT 2012

Robert DeFrancis, Director of Sales, presents Junxure Cloud at IMPACT® 2012

With all of the buzz that we're hearing lately about the "cloud" and high-profile CRM vendors presenting the next wave of so called "game-changing" cloud solutions for advisors, I think we need to pause for a moment and consider why we are all talking about CRM solutions in the first place. The cloud, while important, is the means to an end, the end here being the delivery of a CRM solution that can materially impact how a wealth management firm manages and grows their business.

Wealth management firms are not pharmaceutical or manufacturing companies that are driven by sales funnels and forecasts. They are complex, specialized service businesses where excellent client service and practice management set the elite firms apart from the rest, and they need a CRM solution with very specialized domain-specific capabilities.

So, what makes Junxure Cloud different? The same things that have made Junxure different from other CRM providers for the last 10 years.

We listen to our customers - advisors like you.

Junxure Cloud was created based on demand from our customers, and we've taken care to get this right. Who knows how to build a CRM better than industry experts? Our team's insider perspective influences every enhancement and every feature - we're always thinking about what advisors need. And we know because we're in the business.

One solution, no overlays.

Some vendors ask you to buy their generic sales automation solution and then contract with a third party who will then try to adapt and customize their software and database scheme to fit an advisor’s business and client service needs. These vendors outsource the needed domain expertise and distance themselves from their clients needs - they aren’t even involved in the final implementation and training! Any support they provide is around their generic software so if you’ve implemented a third party solution, they aren’t able to help. Not the case with Junxure Cloud (or any of our products and services.) You get one complete CRM solution from the company that created it from the ground up. Got a question? We’re here to help you.

We keep it all in-house.

When you call us, you talk to a real person. Our support team is second to none. Our trainers are industry professionals with years of experience using Junxure in their previous jobs. No one knows advisors and CRM solutions for advisors better than we do. And once you become a Junxure customer, you become part of our family. Just as advisors are in the client service business, so are we. You'll never have to worry about us "pitching you over the fence" to a third party for support on our products and services. Building your dream firm is a process, and we stay with you along the way.

Junxure Cloud will meet the needs of advisors who want both a robust solution built specifically with them in mind, PLUS all the advantages of the cloud. There is a reason that Junxure has a 96% client retention rate – we understand what advisors do for a living and we’ve built that into our software. And yes, we will soon be able to deliver these capabilities via the cloud. After all it is the capabilities that make all the difference!

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