Our 96% customer retention rate means something.

We know advisors, and we know the value of running your business at its best. To make that possible, we put our customers first. We're driven by our top priority - helping you build your dream firm. 

The Junxure community is made up of many big fans. Here's what a few of them say about us.  



"Junxure is one of the best purchases I have made to help my company continue to grow. Its framework has helped us internally and externally with better communication and consistent service and has allowed us to continue to grow and expand. We are no tech geeks here, however we continue to be pleased with Junxure’s ease of use and the service help available. As we grow, Junxure is growing with us not only in providing capabilities which we have not yet tapped but in continuing to update what is offered. Junxure is tailor-made for a financial planning business." 

- Cynthia S. Meyers, MBA, CFP®, Financial Telesis Inc., Junxure customer, 7 years 



“Clients are handing us their life savings. That can be a nervous time for them. We want the process to run smoothly. All departments participate in client onboarding. Junxure makes onboarding smooth, consistent, manageable, trackable."

- Allison Huke, Cassaday & Company, Inc.,  Junxure customer, 5 years



"We sincerely want to thank the Junxure support team for all that you do for us - their caring manner, pleasantness, professionalism and extreme attempts to help us.  We can’t thank you enough for the time spent to make sure all was okay."

- Reed & Ball, Inc. Wealth Management,  Junxure customer, 5 years



“Oh my goodness...we are ecstatic! What an asset to our company. Long after we're dead and gone our young partner will have built a phenomenal bank of information for his employees and associates.”

- Denise White, Fidelis Financial Planning, LLC, Junxure customer, 6 months



 “Junxure is truly a business partner. They have a great team. The best training experience I've had with any vendor is with Junxure - very professional, and well worth the extra money. Other vendors could learn a thing or two from how they do it at Junxure."

- Chris Johnson, CliftonLarsonAllen Wealth Advisors, LLC, Junxure customer, 7 years



"Love the practical application of the tools provided by Junxure to solve challenges our office faces in tracking an already existing culture of compliance.”

- Charles L. Parker, Jr., CFP®, AEP®, Parker Financial Advisors, Junxure customer, 6 years, after attending a training session



“We really see the power that Junxure brings to our process and our workflow. It continues to enhance cross-departmental work and communication.” 

- Kara Mauceri, Cassaday & Company, Inc.,  Junxure customer, 5 years



“The recording capabilities that Junxure has are incredibly helpful to us. We can scan documents, record phone calls and notes and assign tasks. Everything we do in the office is captured.”

- Tiffany Brynteson, CRPC and Client Advisor at FFP Wealth Management, Junxure customer, 6 years (read the case study) 



"The trainer did a SUPER job! I am appreciative of her commitment to use her time wisely, there were NO wasted words … I was just totally impressed. I saw some lights go on in both of my assistants during the training.”

- Ken Fletcher, Fletcher Financial Group, Junxure customer, 7 years, after attending a training session 



"Thank you. You have shown us some fields that we had never really touched on before, and I’m looking forward to learning more about them to help with the efficiency of our office. We’re now looking over our notes to figure out what and how to tackle items you reviewed with us. I highly recommend this analysis to all other Junxure users!"

- Jennifer Weller, Weller Group LLC, Junxure customer, 2 years, after running Junxure Checkup



“I can’t praise our trainer enough for everything she did to get us acclimated with some of tools that will make a major impact on our productivity. I am personally very excited about being able to record and report my prospecting efforts more effectively without the use of another journal, spreadsheet or extra program that creates redundancy. She is very knowledgeable and has an upbeat personality. I look forward to utilizing her expertise again in the future.”

- Junxure customer, 3 years



Compliance – How Junxure Can Help You Prepare for an Audit was the best class ever! I wish we had seen it before we even turned Junxure on. It gave a new understanding of the 'big picture' behind Junxure. I wish everyone in our office had attended - then everyone would understand 'the why' of putting correct info into Junxure.”

- Mary Beth Nolan, Wills Financial Group, Junxure customer, 2 years



"I am thankful that we signed up for Back on Track. The training is presented just for our practice. Junxure has done the research to lay the ground rules for the way most offices want to and should run their businesses. Each office does their own fine tuning as appropriate, but these sessions are a powerful tool to get 'back on track'.”

- Jo Logeais, Dougherty & Associates Financial Advisors, Inc., Junxure customer, 8 years