Junxure Mobile

Run your business anywhere


financial advisor crm

  • Add new contacts, enter notes while in the field
  • Search for your clients and open up their records to view contact information, pending actions and notes
  • Assign follow-up actions to your staff immediately following an out-of-office client meeting — accelerating your firm’s response time to real–time

No matter where you are, Junxure Mobile gives you secure, live web access to the same Junxure database that’s sitting on your office server. All you need is web access and your laptop, smartphone or other mobile device. The rest is simple, powerful and liberating.

Call your clients with confidence. Enter notes into an action after the call. Assign follow-up actions to your staff right from your mobile device. All just as if you were sitting at your desk. With Junxure Mobile, you’re never out of touch, and always in command.



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