A homegrown CRM spawns a booming business.

It was 1998. Greg was principal of Friedman & Associates in Novato, California. His firm was fanatical about client service, especially creating a highly personal experience and using clients’ time efficiently. The approach was generating loyal clients and rapid growth.

The firm reached the point where Greg and his team couldn’t keep all the relevant client details in their heads. Greg’s firm started using existing applications like Outlook to catalogue data and coordinate activities, but they weren’t powerful enough or specialized enough for the specific needs of financial advisors. That’s when Greg began to collaborate with veteran Windows developer Ken Golding on the advisor-centric CRM system that would become Junxure 1.0.

Greg’s homegrown CRM demonstrated potential: a lot could be done with technology to service clients, strengthen teamwork, increase overall firm efficiency, and drive growth and profitability. Technology could result in a new class of service experience – and a new class of firm. When Greg started telling other advisors about his system, they immediately wanted it for their own firms. That’s when Junxure was born as a business.

What follows is over 15 years of constant innovation and growth. Junxure's products have evolved to include ClientView Live, Junxure Mobile, Junxure Cloud, and an ever-deepening set of new capabilities, as well as services to help customers reap more of the performance benefits of CRM in their practices.

In 2010, Junxure was selected by Charles Schwab to be part of Schwab Intelligent Integration. We also joined with TD Ameritrade Institutional to offer Junxure for Veo in 2012, and soon after, surpassed 11,000 users. In 2013, Junxure hosted it's first-ever Junxure Advisor Conference in Dallas, TX with more than 185 advisors and 10 technology vendor sponsors attending the sold-out event.  

Over time, one thing hasn’t changed—the day-to-day experiences of Greg and his firm remain the laboratory in which Junxure conceives and refines its technology for the benefit of advisors everywhere.

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